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Ohio Republicans Against Trump

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  • Ohio Republicans Against Trump

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    The guy who wrote that op ed piece was the son of the man who invented the Heimlich manuver. But like most trust fund babies he thinks normal adversity and oppression are the same thing, He blogged of his father's "wide-ranging, unseen 50-year history of fraud" and has called his father, "a spectacular con man and serial liar" and has claimed "The only thing my father ever invented was his own mythology." He's angry at authority and guilty for being useless and well off. In short, he's a loon and therefore firmly in Leftsidejohnny's camp. Maybe you should correspond with him. You can tell each other fairy tales.


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      WSJ's hero

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      "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword"


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        Hes going to talk for clueless joe b.. because joe b is somewhere in a basement afraid of the big stage... that's the prez the left wants lmao.. loser..
        no shit there are plenty of rhinos who hate trump.. because dick bag Donald is exposing their corrupt gravy train.. dirt bags...