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  • College football going going .....

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    How important are Joe Douglas & the scouts going to be for the next draft. They'll probably have the combine, but past that it will all be on year old info.


    • #3, all the liberal twat rags are going to turn their pitchforks to the NFL next.

      Slippery slope, this whole letting the most fearful and panicked among us run around unchecked and clucking about spending all day worrying about everything and everyone. JFC.

      This is why we don’t let grandma plan the vacations. We’d never go on the goddamned zip line.


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        Trevor lawrence has the most to gain by canceling the season, yet he is the most vocal to playing it... kids are practicing football and soccer at our HS.. no coaches involved, captains practice.. college profs and teachers unions can go F off...


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          So effing stupid
          "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword"


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            I talk to these college kids on football message boards.
            pretty much all indoctrinated, very sad.


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              Dr. Scott Atlas: ‘You don’t lock down healthy people’

              The former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center advocates for a different approach to fighting the coronavirus by protecting the higher-risk populations and allowing the virus to burn through people to whom it poses little to no risk.

              Dr. Scott Atlas: ‘It’s just irrational, really.’ “I think there is a huge disconnect here in what the goal of public policy is,” Dr. Scott Atlas told Fox News on Monday.

              During a conversation about protective measures for college students, Atlas said: “The goal of stopping COVID-19 cases is not the appropriate goal. The goal is simply twofold, to protect the people who are going to have a serious problem or die, that’s the high-risk population, and to stop hospital overcrowding. There should never be and there is no goal to stop college students from getting an infection they have no problem with.”

              “99.8 percent of deaths are in people over 24,” Atlas argued before explaining that high-risk college students and professors can be protected through social distancing accommodations.

              “They can do things if they are still afraid from a distance but you don’t lock down healthy people. It’s just irrational, really.”

              Atlas argued against “creating a frenzy for tests” among college students when the purpose of testing should be “to protect the high-risk group from getting infected.”

              Asked about asymptomatic spread to the vulnerable from students, Atlas said that devoting resources strategically is “the way to protect them,” arguing that mass testing “destroys the ability to get critical information on the tests from the people who are at high risk.”

              “We need to keep them safe,” Atlas said. “When we have testing delays because we are doing a million tests every day, it’s getting to be crazy already. We need to be able to get the results from the high-risk tests. No one else.”


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                The original goal was to just flatten the curve so hospitals wouldn't be over-run.. now nobody is allowed to get the virus.. zzzzz. Are we going to eradicate it, lmao.. you're gonna get exposed to it eventually vaccine or not.. grow up....


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                  Big Ten closing down but Nebraska wants to play, a divorce could be in their future, maybe if Big 12 decides to play they will return to that conference.